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... we create a home for your data.

come in...

Get a good bit of independence back.
Create a self-hosted platform that is only under your control. We will provide you with the base.
At DECIPULA, you're lord and master of the house and control what happens to your data assets.

You decide yourself which applications you want to use additionally - calendar and address book are already activated along with some other apps.
We are at your side for everything else you need.

With the DECIPULA solution, you have all the advantages of a cloud without giving up control!
You use your DECIPLA-Cloud and we do all security related updates in the background.

The term DECIPULA stands for cage, which we build exclusively for you and the key we give only to you.
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Store your data, your calendar or your address book and work together in your cloud
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The soft base comes from the most innovative cloud solution, it is: Nexcloud

Talk to us, then is your next cloud!

Our servers are located in Düsseldorf - all requirements of the EU-DSGVO are fulfilled.

You have questions, you urgently need a cage for all your datas? Then get in Contact with us!
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